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Aria provides team building workshops for choirs, organisations and companies.

Aria was formed in 2000 by Jon Hollesen, who has the following education:

  • 1996 Musicology and Dramaturgy at the University of Aarhus

  • 2000 Graduated as singing teacher at The Royal Danish Academy of Music

  • 2009 Voice-embodiment (Advanced training for professional singing teachers and singers).

Building a Choir

Aria has achieved great success with the team building workshop “Building a Choir”.

Companies and organisations such as Nestlé Professional, The Danish Army, Novo, Siemens, Danish Television Presenters and Copenhagen University Hospital have through the workshop been inspired to improve their teams performance.

An example of chance management – of daring greatly together.

The Voice Circle

"The Voice Circle" is another workshop designed for groups, teams and individuals to improve both their voice and public speaking skills.

With usually 5-15 participants, the workshop offers a simple and natural approach to the subtle coordination between body, breathing and vocal cords and the attunement between speaker and listeners.

“The Voice Circle” is designed to help individuals discover how they approach a vocal problem and to discover better methods of communication.

"The Voice Circle" can also be offered as a masterclass and if so there can be more than 100 participants.

Contact Aria

If you would like to know more please contact Aria via email: or a phone: +45 22 41 79 01.